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Polystyrene is gross. We’re pretty sure if more people knew how it is made and its effects on human health and the planet, no one would ever buy it again.

Styrene, the main ingredient, is classified as a likely human carcinogen! (That means it can cause cancer). Add to that the fact that the toxins in the foam readily leach into food an drinks and is accelerated by heat and contact with fatty and acidic foods. How’s that cup of coffee taste now? BLECH!

Polystyrene is horrible for the planet, too. Scientists estimate that it may persist in the environment for more than ONE MILLION YEARS. With Americans using 25 billion polystyrene cups per year and alternatives readily available, it’s time to kick the polystyrene habit. Don’t worry, your caffeine will taste even better in a reusable cup.

So what else can you do? You can work on passing a local polystyrene ban! It’s an effective way to reduce plastic pollution and help grow the movement against single use plastics.

See our resources below for tools and tips for getting your State or local government to pass a polystyrene ban.


Here is our model “plastic trifecta” legislation that is drafted to ban polystyrene, plastic bags, and straws (except upon request).

The Plastics Trifecta - Ban Straws, Bags & Polystyrene in one fell swoop


Here is some sample petition language you can use for your online petition.


Check out our printable Polystyrene Fact Sheet for more reasons why we should say “no” to the foam. Descargar en Español.



Do you like facts? (We do) Need to arm yourself with more of them to help you make your case? We recommend reading the following reports: