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During COVID, many more people are ordering take-out to help keep local restaurants afloat. Unfortunately, most take out orders arrive with an alarming amount of single-use items (most of them plastic) that customers do not need as most of us have plenty of cutlery, condiments, and napkins in our homes.

The vast majority of these single-use items cannot or will not be recycled, adding to our significant plastic pollution crisis, littering our streets, parks, rivers, and oceans and clogging already overfilled landfills.

Beyond Plastics is joined by more than 125 other environmental leaders and a growing army of “fed-up” customers in asking food delivery companies to help reduce this source of unnecessary plastic pollution by making a simple change to their ordering systems.

On July 16, 2020, more than 125 environmental organizations delivered a letter urging GrubHub,, Doordash, Seamless, PostMates & Caviar to hold the single-use plastic by making utensils, condiments, straws and napkins opt-in only in their ordering apps — a change that their competitor Uber Eats pioneered after extensive testing. Read the press release here.

Rather than keeping the status quo in which including all of these items is the default setting, these companies can change their systems to make no single-use additions the default setting for orders.

By simply switching cutlery, condiments, napkins and straws to an opt-in only option and following up with the restaurants they partner with to make sure they comply, these companies can help restaurants save money and prevent mountains of pointless plastic trash at the same time.

Please join us in urging these companies to make a small change that could have a big, positive impact by adding your name to the petition below.